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People want to take action.

It’s not easy.

We are empowering women to take back their rights with technology.

Women in the Deadly States of America can’t live the lives they want.

59% of miscarriages require medical treatment, which women can’t get in the Deadly States.

~65,000 rape victims forced to carry pregnancy resulting from rape.

Abortion denial resulted in 81% increase in evictions, bankruptcies and tax liens.


The Alabama hypocrisy:

Every embryo is a child except for people who want IVF.


This is disingenuous.


People should have access to IVF and medical care.





Women are standing up, speaking out & raising hell.

We've protected our rights in:



We can win.

But we need your help. The fight is now.

A one-stop solution for digital political activism.

AI-Enhanced Messaging

The platform leverages AI technology to ensure messages are impactful, resonate with diverse audiences, and drive meaningful conversations.

Sophisticated Collaboration Tools

Integration of advanced collaboration tools empowers users to engage deeply on political topics and foster informed discussions.

Financial Tools for Activism

Incorporating a financial backend supports sustained political activism, getting money into the hands of those doing the work and the organizations and non-profits they support.


Offering a rich, fact-checked content repository of information and sources about causes, managed effectively to support activism to get you started.


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Check out the unique way we are using social media channels to spur engagement nationwide!

Our Team

Our deep experience will help accelerate the change.

  • Brittany went to her first prenatal doctor visit and learned that her water had broken prematurely.

  • The doctor sent Brittany to the hospital where she was told her pregnancy wasn’t viable. The fetus had died in utero. 

  • She spent 19 hours at the hospital over two days and went home because the hospital couldn’t decide whether to treat her. She miscarried at home and had to go back to the hospital because she was bleeding profusely and needed an IV. Was that the end of it?

  • The nurse treating her called the police and Brittany was later arrested for abuse of a corpse because she had her miscarriage in the toilet

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